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Because real money sparkles!

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Welcome to Sparkle

Sparkle puts a new shine on crypto currency by combining the properties of Bitcoin with the price stability of the dollar. Sparkle brings with it the best of BitShares while retaining Proof of Work as a proven politic free consensus system. Sparkle is a fully functional decentralized exchange with support for both user issued assets and fully collateralized BitAssets.

Basic Stats

After one year there will be about 250 Million Sparks allocated with 60% allocated to the early adopters and supporters of Sparkle.

Paid Workers

Unlike most other crypto currency projects, Sparkle is able to bootstrap its own development and pay to build the critical infrastructure necessary to make it happen. Development and marketing for Sparkle is paid for over time as 101 workers are allocated the same number of new Sparks as the Miners. Each worker can campaign to get a paid position. In the first year about 75 Million Sparks will be allocated among up to 101 individuals or about 750,000 Sparks each. If Sparkle can reach the top 10 crypto currency with a $10 million market cap then Sparkle could pay 101 workers each $30,000 per year. However, in such a situation the sparklers would probably decide to hire only 20 workers each earning $150,000 per year.

If you have talents in web development, programming, marketing, or business development then chances are you can create a job for yourself by joining Sparkle. Potential Job Openings: